These rocks ARE my fists!

conceptual art? more like conceptual FART

*sticks my butt out and a cloud a fart gas emerges from my rump and then cloud begins taking abstract shapes evoking feelings of curiosity within the viewer*

i cant believe that’s the new ending song for jojo

it’s so obvious but i never would have guessed



what an ass



"Oh my god, I’m turning into—a vampire!”

"But how? I didn’t even bite you yet!"

Premature edraculation


*Victory Fanfare*


*Victory Fanfare*


I’m pretty sure the Final Fantasy fanfare is playing right now~



None of my games or computer are connecting to my homes wifi and its concerning. I’m going to bed and dealing with it tomorrow.

Try reseting the router? Which is basically just unplug it, wait like a minute then plug it back in. And of course after that give it a minute or two to get it’s shit together before to expect something out of it.

i read this last night and unplugged it before i went to bed.

I just remembered to reply to this right now

it did work, thank you!

ok im going to dnd now

ill be home tonight

woo i did work today and all i had to do was read directions off my phone and keep track of how many miles we drove and how long each delivery took

getting paid tomorrow


"It grew louder—louder—louder! And still the men chatted pleasantly, and smiled. Was it possible they heard not? Almighty God!—no, no! They heard!—they suspected!—they knew!—they were making a mockery of my horror!"

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe